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  • With Expanded Focus on International Cooperation, Minnesota’s Cyber Security Summit is “Unapologetically Ambitious”
    Cyber Security Summit Newsletter August 2020 By Anne C. Bader, Founder, The International Cybersecurity Dialogue August 17, 2020 “A few years ago, I met Eileen Manning, producer of the annual Cyber Security Summit (CSS) in Minneapolis, while attending a security event in Washington D.C.”
  • The Hungarian Information Technology Landscape
    by Károly Gergely A country most frequently discussed in Western media in relation to its politics, Hungary’s information technology scene is in itself one of noteworthy vibrancy. Discussing Budapest, one often talks about its historical buildings, its cultural buzz, its attraction to tourists of all kinds, or even the Budapest Convention, the only binding international … Continue reading
  • ICD Reader Book Review
    Neustaat Nadine Schön and Thomas Heilmann Anna Juhos, External Fellow, Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade. The current crisis has made it obvious that in our interdependent world new tools are required to tackle the challenges faced by society and government. But how can we capitalize on the opportunities to adapt to the new realities … Continue reading

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