“We believe that (commonly agreed) norms should govern the new cyber domain and that they should be prepared by the policymakers and the public and private sector technologists who create and manage networks and critical systems.

Anne C Bader and Richard Stiennon

Our mission is to promote real time in person dialogue between technologists and policy makers in business, government and academe.

The ICD is designed for active engagement; for those leaders who seek peer level debate and exchange. Our goal is to add value while convening informal networks to enhance understanding and “bridge the gap.”

Our core activity is the ICD roundtable – small (under 25), by invitation and off the record as appropriate to allow participants – all current public and private sector experts – the freedom to voice their individual ideas and opinions.

Our initial ICD program includes roundtables, expert briefings, assessment visits, a closing forum and two reports.  Meetings and interviews will be off the record as appropriate. Reports, commentary and assessments will be presented through the ICD Forum and on our website. Our International Advisors comprise public and private experts in defense, law, finance, energy, telecommunications, transport, insurance, ethics and legislation.

Six ICD Cyber Challenges 

  • Information Sharing
  • Norms, Best Practices and Law
  • Critical Infrastructure Resilience
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Supply Chain Assurance
  • Threats: anticipation, deterrence, mitigation, response

Six Basic Questions

  • What is needed to strengthen existing cyber vulnerable critical infrastructures?
  • How should information be shared to ensure privacy and accountability?
  • What specific ways can business support government actions? How can it be done cost effectively?
  • What law and what body governs cyber crimes and cyber attacks?
  • Who ensures responsibility and accountability?What are the rules for response?
  • What are the most important principles of governance for the cyber sphere?
  • What are the key concepts and terminology for the cyber sphere?

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