ICD members and our advisors participate in many conferences and private events. Here is a sampling .

Anne Bader presented on a panel at the MetricStream GRC Summit in Washington DC on April 27.

Richard Stiennon is keynoted and signed books at the QTS Information Security and Compliance Forum (ISCF) April 20 at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC.  He is also presenting at the National Fintech Cybersecurity Summit in Sydney, Australia, on May 3.

Simon Reay Atkinson presented at Engineering Australia’s Securing the bolts before the horse has bolted: Cyber Deterrence, Assurance and Synthetic Standards, Thu 5 May.

 Cyber Delegation to Israel

In late January, 2016, Richard Stiennon and I were invited to visit Israel as part of a 12-member delegation of security writers, journalists, researchers and policy practitioners hosted by the America-Israel Friendship League and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

The U.S. delegation included Adam Segal, Director of Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program, the Council on Foreign Relations; Richard Stiennon, author and Chief Research Analyst for IT-Harvest; Ben Rothke, author and Senior eGRC Consultant at Nettitude Group; Rob Pegoraro, journalist with USA Today and Yahoo Tech and Anthony M Freed, Director of Corporate Communications,; Ron Woerner, Director for Cybersecurity Studies Bellevue University; Edwin B. Covert, security blogger and Senior Lead Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton; Arya Yeganeh, journalist with the Foreign Desk; technology blogger Alan Weinkrantz; David Strom, journalist with TechTarget and NetworkWorld; and myself Anne Bader, Founder of the International Cybersecurity Dialogue. AIFLOur delegation participated in an intensive (and exceptional) program of meetings and briefings involving Israel government, venture capitalists, multi nationals, start-ups, Intelligence, research and education institutions.

Israel is becoming a global super star in innovation and technology.  Government, academe and business all invest in building a multi stakeholder economic eco system. Cyber technology is a powerful driver in expanding information sharing and narrowing regulatory and compliance gaps between policy and technology sectors domestically and with international investors.


Past Events

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