About Us

The ICD began as an intense conversation with the Internet’s top philosopher entrepreneur Barrett Lyon and UK’s Internet Supercop Andrew Crocker. Their true to life thriller about how they teamed to bring Russian Cyber Ganglords to justice appears in Joseph Menn’s best seller Fatal System Error : The Hunt for the New Crime Lords who are Bringing Down the Internet.

We agreed that technologists spurned the perspective of lawmakers and politicians as “silly and dangerous” and policymakers assumed ownership of the laws and standards needed to regulate the internet while dismissing the very technologists who make the internet work on a day to day basis. Our mission was born!

Barrett hosted a now famous dinner in San Francisco to introduce ICD’s current principals to one another. Anne Bader, an international NGO expert known for her success in convening disparate groups to build trust in a realistic working relationship. Richard Stiennon, author of Surviving Cyber War and There Will Be Cyberwar: How The Move to Network-Centric War Fighting Has Set The Stage For Cyberwar, security expert and industry analyst, is known for shaking up the industry and providing actionable guidance to vendors and end users.

We tested the concept over 2011 and incorporated in 2012.  Our activities include Roundtables and international meetings in Washington DC, London,  Budapest, San Francisco, Brussels, and Executive Briefings, International missions, Publications, Exchanges, White Papers, Case Studies, Independent Projects, and the ICD Social Network.



Anne Bader and Richard Stiennon

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