Directives and Hackings – ICD Brief 132

ICD Brief 132.



Some week’s it’s really difficult to keep it close to short! Today’s Brief

echoes progress in defeating threats, decision-making, collaboration and some unexpected revelations on Brazilian pirates and US Artificial Intelligence researchers.



US DHS Issues Cybersecurity Directive    Infosecurity Magazine

By Kacy Zurkus

“The US Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency(CISA) has issued binding operative directive (BOD) 19-02, Vulnerability Remediation Requirements for Internet-Accessible Systems, which requires federal agencies to remediate critical security vulnerabilities within 15 days from the initial detection.”

New Cyber Workforce EO Sets Up Rotational Assignment Program Across Government                  Federal News Network

By Nicole Ogrysko

“The Trump administration took another step Thursday in its long effort to recruit, reskill and develop cybersecurity talent across the federal government and private sector with a series of new interagency initiatives.”

An Alarmingly Simple Cyberattack Hit Electrical Systems Serving LA and Salt Lake, but Power Never Went Down                                             CNBC

By Kate Fazzini  and Tom DiChristopher

“Electrical grid operations in two huge U.S. population areas — Los Angeles County in California, and Salt Lake County in Utah — were interrupted by a distributed-denial-of-service attack in March, according to the Department of Energy’s Electric Emergency and Disturbance Report for March.”

Campaigns Contend with Cybersecurity in 2020 Race

CBS News 5 minute video

“While candidates were focused on campaigning in 2016, Russians were carrying out a devastating cyber-operation that changed the landscape of American politics, with aftershocks continuing well into Donald Trump’s presidency. And it all started with the click of a tempting email and a typed-in password.”

What’s Driving Maryland Cybersecurity’s Economic Growth?

Technically  Baltimore

By Stephen Babcock

“Cybersecurity has been in the news often locally, and it’s not just because of breaches. When it comes to business coverage, it’s the field where we’re seeing some of the largest exits and development plans. With an eye toward the future, we also see plenty of education and workforce development initiatives aligned with this area. Driving the growth is a mix: the public and private, the tech-enabled and the human.”


Accelerator to Bolster Australia’s Cybersecurity Sector              Open Gove

By Teresa Umali

“Recent cyberattacks, such as criminal activity against individual businesses or the work of a ‘state actor’ hacking into a Federal Parliament’s servers, emphasise the need to build Australia’s expertise in cybersecurity. According to a recent report, a unique accelerator for cybersecurity start-ups is hoping to build the capacity of the sector.”


Cartoon Network Websites Hacked to Show Arabic Memes, Male Stripper Videos         ZDNet

By Catalin Cimpanu for Zero Day

“Cartoon Network websites in at least 16 countries/regions have been hacked over the weekend to play videos of Arabic memes and a Brazilian male stripper, among other things. The hack has been perpetrated by two Brazilian hackers, whose names we will not be sharing in this article, as most hackers want media attention and we don’t wish to encourage similar behavior.”

Report: Pirates of Brazil: Integration the Strengths of Russian and Chinese Hacking Communities                                                    Recorded Future

by: Insikt Group

“This report, which is part of a series that started with Russia and China, Japan, and Iran, will be of greatest interest to organizations seeking to understand the criminal underground to better monitor financial vertical and company-specific threats, as well as to those investigating the Brazilian criminal underground.”

“Recorded Future is an internet technology company founded in 2009, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States, and Gothenburg, Sweden, specializing in real-time threat intelligence.” Wikipedia

Czech Republic

Western Allies Agree 5G Security Guidelines, Warn of Outside Influence                  Reuters

By Michael KahnJan Lopatka                                    4 minute read

“Global security officials agreed a set of proposals on Friday for future 5G networks, highlighting concerns about equipment supplied by vendors that might be subject to state influence. Representatives from 30 European Union, NATO and countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan and Australia attended the meeting to hash out an outline of practices that could form a coordinated approach to shared security and policy measures.”


Germany Shuts Down “Darknet” Criminal Trading Platform, Detains 3  Reuters

Writing by Paul Carrel; Editing by Gareth Jones        2 minute read

“German investigators have shut down the world’s second largest criminal online trading platform and detained three German men suspected of running it, the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office said on Friday.”


How Can Ethical Hacking Drive Cybersecurity in India            Entrepreneur

By Remesh Ramachandran       Ethical Hacker        3 minute read

“India is an emerging country expanding its hands to embrace the digital technological advancements. As the employment rate is expected to go higher and plenty of new opportunities and career options to choose from. But there are few career options which are booming, one among them is ‘Ethical hacking’, also commonly known as ‘Penetration testing’ or ‘Pen testing’ in short.”


Leak Reveals Iran’s Wildest Hacker Crew Stole 13,000 Passwords from 98 Organizations                                               

By Thomas Brewster  Forbes Staff  Cybersecurity

“Earlier this month, a prolific hacking group said to be sponsored by Iran had its cyber arsenal leaked. A bundle of tools and target information belonging to the crew, dubbed OilRig, were thrown up on the web for all and sundry to see, marking the most significant leak of Iran’s cyber weaponry to date.”


How Israel Is Leading the Global Cyberwarfare Race

ByArieEgozi DefenceIQ                                                                     

“From innovative intelligence corps such as Unit 8200 to unique cyberculture, Israel has become a powerhouse in cyberwarfare and security information.”


Japan Is Developing First Computer Virus to Prevent Cyber Crimes

By  Anmol Sachdeva                                                Fossbytes

“Now, it seems that Japan is taking strict measures to improve the state of cybersecurity in the country. As reported by The Japan Times, Japan is developing its first computer virus to defend against hackers. Sources have revealed that the computer virus will act as a defense measure in case a cyber attack happens.”


Russia’s Great Firewall: Is It Meant to Keep Information In – or Out?       The Guardian

By Andrew Roth is the Guardian and Observer’s Moscow correspondent

“Government hackers from US Cyber Command had pre-emptively cut off the internet to a St Petersburg office building that houses the Internet Research Agency, better known as Russia’s troll factory, to prevent the spread of misinformation on election day in November 2018, US newspapers reported. News of the attack, which was never confirmed by Russian officials, did not cause much surprise in Moscow. For years, global connectivity has been portrayed as a dangerous vulnerability in the escalating conflict between Russia and the west.”

United Kingdom

U.K. Huawei Leak Exposes Post-Brexit Security Peril                     Bloomberg Opinion

By   Therese Raphael

“Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson was fired, but that won’t solve problems created by Britain’s fraying global links.

It takes a lot to delight your enemies, infuriate your friends and alienate those you are trying to build new ties with. But in its public divisions over Chinese telecommunications maker Huawei, the Conservative government of Prime Minister Theresa May has managed to do just that. If this is a first peek at the way a post-Brexit Britain plans to conduct itself in world affairs, it’s not a great look.”

UK Government Announces Cybersecurity Ambassador  Infosecurity magazine

By Phil Muncaster

“The UK government has announced the appointment of a new cybersecurity ambassador to promote the nation’s expertise in the sector to potential export markets.”


In Race to Dominate AI, US Researchers Debate Collaboration with China

By Ann Scott Tyson Staff writer      Christian Science Monitor

“Military uses of artificial intelligence have raised concerns about working with Chinese researchers. But some U.S. experts also feel a duty to consider AI’s potential role in human rights abuses, in a society less free than their own.”

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