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ICD Brief 101.


Welcome to our Second Hundred ICD Brief series! Two years ago, we invited friends and colleagues to chart the global shift from plans to “Working Cyber Partnerships.” The Global Multi-Stakeholders: nations, corporations and academe seemed mired in a never-never land of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).  Only the threats seemed real.

Today’s updates from the US, Australia, the Baltic nations of Estonia and Latvia, the EU, India, Japan, Singapore and the UK bring tangible progress in terms of definitions, models, laws and rules of engagement.

Our Second Hundred Series continues the exploration of how these working partnerships and newly accepted concepts of “interconnectedness” will lead to a 21st century global working order.

Our diverse readership aged 11 to late 80’s in more than 40 countries report benefits from global views of emerging trends, skim for work and in the case of our tech and policy experts, see how the world’s secular press covers their work. Previous editions are HERE   on our website.

Here’s a sampling: Highly recommend the CNBC video: “How do you stop a cyberattack.”



USA to Go on Cyber-Offence Under New Trump Policy

“The United States has revealed a new national cyber security strategy and warned it will increase its use of aggressive cyber-ops. The move comes as US intelligence officials expect a flurry of digital attacks ahead of the November 6 midterm elections.”

DoD Releases First New Cyber Strategy in Three Years

“In its first formal cyber strategy document in three years, the Department of Defense said it would focus its cyber efforts on China and Russia and use the Pentagon’s cyber capabilities to collect intelligence as well as to prepare for future conflicts.”

DHS to Roll Out New Cybersecurity Risk Score for Agencies

“Over the next three to six months, the Department of Homeland Security will launch a new cybersecurity risk score for agencies.”

White House National Cyber Strategy Praised by Experts

“The new National Cyber Strategy released by the White House details plans for improving cybersecurity and garnered positive early reviews from experts for its comprehensiveness.”

DHS Guidance on Cybersecurity Reveals Emergent Threats to Critical Infrastructure and Industry by Larry O’Brien

“DHS Guidance on Cybersecurity reveals the threat of coordinated cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and manufacturing in the US by hostile nation states is increasing. Just a few months ago, the US Department of Homeland Security identified major hacking groups responsible for recent industry and critical infrastructure attacks as having Russian state sponsorship. End users in the manufacturing sector, process industries, power generation and T&D, nuclear, water & wastewater, and even building management and smart cities sectors should be up to date on the guidance surrounding this threat, which has so far claimed over 100 victims across these sectors.”

Senate Could Act on Top DHS Cybersecurity Priority

“The top legislative cybersecurity priority for DHS might finally be nearing the finish line. Multiple sources tell MC that the Senate could soon bring a bill establishing the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to the floor. The legislation, H.R. 3359 (115), long ago passed the House and has been awaiting action in the Senate. Now, sources familiar with the bill say, it could hit the floor as early as next week if no senator objects.”

The State of NAIC’s Data Security Model Law

“Most states have yet to adopt a cyber security model law for the insurance industry like the one approved by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 2017, but one expert believes the industry should be prepared for what he sees as an eventuality.”

New Ohio Law Incentivizes Businesses that Comply withCybersecurity Programs

“On Aug. 3, 2018, Gov. John Kasich signed Senate Bill 220, also known as the Ohio Data Protection Act. Under the Act, eligible organizations may rely on their conformance to certaincybersecurity frameworks as an affirmative defense against tort claims in data breach litigation. The Act is intended to provide organizations with a legal incentive to implement writtencybersecurity programs.”

CT Cybersecurity: “We Cannot Rely on Washington to Keep Us Safe”

“The leader of Connecticut’s cybersecurity efforts said Tuesday that Washington, with a deeply polarized Congress and faction-riven White House, has abrogated its role in defending the nation’s electrical grid, natural gas system and public water supplies against hackers who are growing bolder, more numerous and more sophisticated.”

Cyber Conflict as an Academic Discipline: It’s Not All Doom-and-Gloom

“As few weeks ago on Net Politics, Melissa K. Griffith laid out the challenges facing academics who want to study cyber conflict. Although Melissa is right that there may be no single foundational cybersecurity text as there might be in the study of nuclear weapons, a solid base of literature is now emerging.”


Home Affairs Dominates in Govt Cyber War Games

“Cyber security experts from the federal government’s law enforcement agencies have overcome their public and private sectors counterparts to take out the top prize in Canberra’s second cyber war games.”


How to Russia-Proof an Election

“A nondescript office in Riga’s communist-era Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science may be Latvia’s last line of defense against threats to next month’s general election.”

When This Country Faced a Suspected Russian Cyberattack – It Took Some Big Steps to Stop Another

“It’s been called the world’s first cyberwar – and it started with the relocation of a Soviet War memorial in Tallinn, Estonia. When Estonian authorities moved the statue of a Soviet soldier to a less prominent location in April 2007, the country’s ethnic Russian population took to the streets to protest.”


How the EU Is Building a Robust and Secure Digital Environment

Mariya Gabriel , European Commissioner, Digital Economy and Society

“Last year’s WannaCry attack, which affected infrastructure operators as well as thousands of companies, was a serious indication that cybersecurity is one of the biggest policy challenges in the digital sphere.”

ENISA Launches Cybersecurity Strategies Evaluation Tool

“The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) has launched a tool that will help EU Member States evaluate their priorities according to their National Cyber Security Strategies.”


India Faces Most Cybersecurity Threats in Asia-Pacific: Cisco

“The Cisco cybersecurity report finds that 56% of the investigated alerts in India turn out to be false, adding to the burden of existing security defenders who need to ensure that they are working on the right alerts.”


Japan’s Defense Ministry Set to Outsource Cyberdefense Duties to “White Hat” Hackers Amid Shortage of Experts

“The Defense Ministry is considering the use of “white hat,” or ethical, hackers to better prepare for cyberattacks due to a shortage of cybersecurity experts.”

Japan Seeks Stronger Cooperation with Estonia in Cbersecurity

“Japan asked Estonia on Friday to strengthen cooperation incybersecurity as the country prepares to review its defense guidelines towards the end of the year.”


Singapore to Offer Bug Bounty, Set Up Asean CybersecurityCentre

“Singapore government will launch a bug bounty initiative by end-2018, when local and international hackers will be invited to test systems for vulnerabilities, as well as a cybersecurity hub next year to facilitate collaboration and training efforts amongst Asean country members.”


Multimillion Pound “Cyber Force to Be Launched in Britain”

“’We are both committed to continuing to invest in this area, given the real threats the UK faces from a range of hostile actors,’ government spokesman says.”

The Importance of Cybersecurity for SMEs in the UK

“Protecting your business against data theft remains a huge issue facing SMEs today. And as more businesses move towards cloud storage, the use of cryptocurrencies increases, coupled with a post GDPR world and this problem becomes ever more complicated. Yet SMEs are still struggling to address this, so what needs to be considered. How It Works: Cybersecurity IBM video

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