Developing Norms in the Vacuum of Cyberspace Roundtable Report

The International Cybersecurity Dialogue is hosting a roundtable event following the Second Annual International Conference on Cyberspace in Budapest. Key members of government, academe, and industry will meet to discuss the difficulties of creating accepted norms in cyberspace. Sponsorship of the event is provided by Trend Micro.

The challenges of developing international norms of engagement in cyberspace when states, diplomats, international lawyers, and even the UN have no controls, or means of imposing and enforcing such norms, is causing much hand wringing within those groups. In cyberspace, where the impact of amorphous dynamic groups can coalesce in hours and disperse in minutes, it is hard to establish norms that have any meaning at all. The ICD is convening a dinner meeting in Budapest, October 5th to discuss the following questions:

  1. Is it even possible for lethargic processes, usually associated with the creating of international norms, let alone agreements, be capable of meaningful impact? Will the Internet route around norms?
  2. Will every state attempt to create cyber-fiefdoms such as those of China, Australia, and Iran, where they impose their own moral and legal controls?
  3. Will attempted state control of cyber boundaries ever work?


*Sessions are off the record with no attribution or identification of participants. A brief report will be shared which summarizes the conversation.

See full report HERE.

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